Navigating a Theme

With Shopgate CONNECT, a theme represents the visual and interactive part of your app. Under the hood they are built with React, Redux, Reselect and RxJS as well as using some Shopgate libraries.

The default themes at Shopgate are structured like this:

Location Description
/components All components that are shared between pages can be found here. A few examples of shared components are Button, TextInput and icons.
/config This folder contains information that is needed to allow us to develop the app. This includes things like IP and port for the Platform SDK, a language setting and a logo URL.
/locale This is where the localisation strings are stored. They are grouped by language into files where the language key is the name of the file. E.g. en-US.json
/pages Every page in the app has a single entry point that can be found inside here. Each page directory may also contain components that are unique to that particular page.
/styles The CSS reset, global style rules and style variables can all be found inside here.
index.jsx This is the entry point for the app. This file should not be changed unless you are creating a new theme or making extensive changes to an existing theme.